Family Fun with Capri Sun

Capri Sun offers a variety of wholesome drinks for families. Capri Sun Juice Drink, Capri Sun 100% Juice, and Capri Sun Super V are made with no artificial preservatives, colors or flavors. Check out their website and Facebook to learn more!

Recently, Capri Sun partnered with BlogHer and asked our bloggers to share their tips for family fun. Check out their posts below!

Capri Sun~ Kids Love the Taste, Moms Love the Ingredients

Oh, the Mommy guilt! No judgment here. Well Moms, you no longer need to feel guilty about giving your kiddos drinks that they love. Capri Sun is dedicated to making a variety of kid-pleasing drinks with healthy ingredients....more

Capri Sun is Simply a Part of Our Lives

I'm constantly grabbing a box for an after-practice treat, a classroom party, or an impromptu snack break for the neighbor kids. The fact is, I completely take Capri Sun for granted -- at least until I was asked to write about the drinks. That's when it occurred to me that Capri Sun Juice Drink has almost always been a constant in my life....more

Outdoor Activities: A Great Way for Families to Spend Time Together

My kids love them because they like the taste and are strangely drawn to the pouches. What is it about those pouches? I still remember how cool I thought Capri Sun Juice drinks were when I was a kid, especially at one sleepover when we kept re-inflating the pouches by blowing in them to try to convince my friend's Mom that we weren't ready for bed yet because we were still working on our drinks....more

Capri Sun Kids

After family activities or sports, the kids go crazy for Capri Sun 100% Juice. It doesn't have any artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors in it so I feel comfortable letting them drink it. We're careful not to let them have soda, etc, so Capri Sun 100% Juice has become their favorite drink!...more

Backyard Family Movie Night with S'mores Popcorn and Capri Sun

It's the last lazy days of summer at our house and one of our favorite things to do is have a family movie night in our backyard. The hot summer days cool off nicely at night, and we can have as much seating as needed for family and friends. I remember as a kid, going to drive-in movies and bringing your own popcorn in a packed car was such an adventure....more

Capri Sun

Thanks to the busy schedules of 3 children and 2 adults we sometimes have to make quick meal decisions that don't always include a happy food triangle. Although we very seldom ever eat fast food, I end up cooking more pasta and casseroles than I probably should. I also struggle with making sure that my children stay adequately hydrated. I feel as if I am constantly telling them to "drink!"...more

Spending Time Together

I have mentioned several times that Owen has been eating so much better lately! I'm sure the high doses of steroids are helping his appetite and he is loving Capri Sun Super V Fruit and Vegetable Juice Drink! They are easy for me to grab on the run and his favorite is the Capri Sun Super V in Apple. It has no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives, and is a good source of fiber for this boy who needs it!...more

Hitting the Bike Trail with Capri Sun

Now that Alexis has fully and completely discovered her identity as a Real Bike Rider, we're all about the family outings involving miles and miles of biking. We meander down gravel paths, up wooded hillsides, and all around our city. It's bliss....more

Summer Baseball with the Boys

This summer brought something new to our family - baseball. Some of our best friends are a crazy sports family and their boys are super athletes. Kathleen told me it was high time that I let my boys give baseball a try. Her boys took Eby and Little Man out in their yard and taught them to throw, catch, switch hit, and even slide. They loved it....more

Review - Capri Sun

During the summer, my mom would buy Capri Sun Juice Drinks and freeze them to use as ice bags. She packed them in the cooler with the special Japanese style lunch (Bento) she prepared. Then she would take us to the nearby beach or park. By the time we ate lunch, the frozen Capri Suns had melted just right....more