Getting Started: Tips for On-the-Go Photography

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2) Shoot from the hip. Or on the ground ... or overhead ... or ... Some of my favorite pictures are ones I shoot with my eye NOT anywhere near the viewfinder.

From my hip:

shot from the hip. literally


Set on the counter:

rainbow cupcake painting nails


Set on the ground:

Hula hoop or bouncy ball? sidewalk chalk


shoes our dog kevin

IT IS SO FUN! Like a really good grab bag from the county fair!

I'll be honest, probably 94.8% of those shots go straight to the trash, but the other 5.2% are just so stinkin' COOL! And one more tip, sometimes I put a finger or two under the lens when I go for the surface-level shot, especially when tall grass in involved.

And sand. Maybe don't set your camera in the sand.


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