The Car Buying Saga Continues

The quest for Kendall's new chariot is taking a lot longer and a lot more energy than I ever imagined. If you missed the first part of this saga, check out yesterday's post. We headed down to the Audi dealer for our appointment this afternoon and arrived right on schedule. Unfortunately, the person we had our appointment with wasn't available so he passed us off to some other guy. We took the A3 out for an extended test drive by ourselves. It was nice because it gave us a chance to get out of the car, look at all of the details, and discuss whether this was the best choice or not.

When we got back to the dealer, salesman #2 was no where to be found. Some other guy, salesman #3, tried to answer my question about iPhone connectivity and scrolling through music on the car rather than on the screen of the phone. They didn't have an A3 with the right equipment, so I got the tour of an A6, about double the price of the car I'm planning to buy. Of course, it all works nicely in the expensive car but he wasn't so sure about the A3.  I got a wishy-washy answer that I still don't believe. What is it with these salesmen? Do none of them own an iPhone or is it that none of them drive the cars they sell?

It looks like my search page for car dealers who know their stuff and aren't PITA is now empty.

We've decided on a car. Now, if I could only find someone to sell it to me. I've got the money and was ready to spend it this weekend, but no one seemed to want it. I'm headed to the credit union tomorrow to take advantage of their auto buying service. There aren't that many Audi dealers around, so won't they be surprised when I show up to pick up my new car.

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