Caramel Apple Hot Toddy

this drink is...AMAZING. i mean...really good. i heard some people talking about 'hot apple pie cocktails' at work...and it sounded so good. i couldn't find any recipes online that i really liked. most included some type of sweetener or fruity liqueur...i just wasn't sure about that. after brainstorming with my mom for a while...and roaming the alcohol aisles...we came up with the absolute perfect holiday drink. i really can't explain how good this drink is. you're just going to have to make it and try it for yourself!

the key to this amazing, amazing drink is the caramel vodka. we got this on a whim, but it really makes the drink. this drink is warm, and cozy, and delicious. its so so good!

its also very simple to make. combine all of your ingredients in a pot and heat on the stove until warmed through. (just so happens to make the house smell like Christmas!) i like it served pretty hot, but we also think it would be good served chilled. or even frozen into a slush. gosh.



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