Caramel Apple Turnovers & Mini- Pies

Betty Crocker has come and inhabited my body.

Do not be alarmed. Everything is going to be fine. I might gain 5 lbs this weekend, but everything is going to be fine. I had the urge to do some fall baking, and apples were on sale. So, I had a little adventure in pre-made pie crusts, apples, cinnamon, and caramels. Success.

I wasn't sure what I was doing, I googled Caramel Apple Empanadas, but when eHow popped up with another how-to, I declined to follow those directions. Yesterdays breakfast fiasco was enough for me. So I just made it up.

I diced up some apples into small pieces, added some lemon juice to prevent browning and add some acidity. I threw in some cinnamon, and cut up some caramel candies. I added brown sugar, and stirred it all together. No measurements here, I was winging it remember.

I then took refrigerator pie crusts. I took one, cut it into 4Th's, and tried to fold some apple filling into it. They looked misshapen. I did manage to take the above photo of the one that most resembled a mini apple pie. Then, I moved on to plan B. I got out a muffin tin, and used a glass to cut out circles from the pie crust. I pressed them into the muffin tin, and added the filling. I topped them with little hearts, because honestly, this is the only shape I could cut free-hand with a knife. I then baked them and the turnovers for about 15-18 minutes.

Both were very very good. And it smelled like apple cinnamon goodness. The caramel candies melted into chewy gooey little pockets of deliciousness.

Next time, I think I will make them all as turnovers, and roll the pie crust together into a giant rectangle. Then each piece of dough would be a square, and I could fill them, and just fold in half and seal the edges. Lesson learned. But boy were they yummy ;)

Mini- Pie

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