Card Making...

We got a head start on some Valentine's Day card making the other day... Orange Valentine cardStep one, wine cork stamp.  Step two, make leaves.  Step three, draw faces.  Step four, glue giant eyeball.  Step five, write AM!! :) IMG_8170
I had so many fun or funny little ideas running around in my head for Valentines, but more often than not, those ideas were about me making them...And, as much as Violet loves to create, it didn't seem fair that I got to do all of the making. 

So, instead, we brainstormed the idea, I made one as an example...and she took over from there!  Well, I did, in my sloppy ( I know it's terrible!) handwriting write the "orange you glad we're friends?" part, but she did the rest. 

What a great job she did!  She had loads of fun making them, and we had fun working on them together.

Oh, and each has it's own personalized stickers on the back... IMG_8189
You can never go wrong with stickers!

Have a great day.


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