Care & Feeding of your Skin - What do you do?

I have fairly good skin.

I know this because people tell me I do - namely, friends who's business it is to know skin. If they say I have good skin, I believe them.

However, I'm almost 44 (in 23 more days, you might want to mark your calendars) and it appears my skin is preparing for a move to warmer in in, heading the call of gravity.

Sigh...reality isn't supposed to happen to me! I was going to be young forever - according to my younger self. What happened??

My skin care regime is simple: wash face with the very gentle Cetaphil cleanser, moisturize with Purpose (with SPF something-or-other) and drink water. Oodles of it.

It's worked for me so far, but I think I need more.

And so, I'm reaching out to the largest group of intelligent women in the Universe - the BlogHer audience. My peeps.

I am interested in your beauty routine, specifically in products that can be purchased at Target or the drug store (CVS, RiteAid, etc.). I have a budget and while the upscale products are great, I really think they are all the same - some just have better PR and more famous models.

What products do you use to cleanse, moisturize and diminish the lines and wrinkles?

Disclaimer: I'm not trying to evade age, I'm o.k. with the lines appearing on my face. However, to be perfectly honest, I wouldn't mind shaving a few years off through good skin care (and not thank. you).

So...tell me...what are your favorite products and why?!?!

My face thanks you.





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