Careeer Dressing in a Hurry! Fluffy Slippers Rule!

It is one of those difficult Monday mornings…..getting the kids ready for school and getting herself ready to teach work force adults.   Yun’s household is hectic to say the least!  The  kids are running about half naked looking for pants or shirts in the dryer because they have forgotten to take the cloths out and put them away. Yun is standing in her big fluffy slippers, by the stove frantically cooking two sets of breakfast thinking,  “one eats no fat and one eats no lean.”

While the kids are eating their breakfast, Yun goes upstairs to get herself ready to teach her Monday class. She puts on a pair of black dress pants, carefully chooses a grey jacket outside a black blouse. Looking at  herself in the mirror, she feels that she is very professional and serious looking. Monday, there are always new students, and Yun wants to make sure she treats the day  seriously. She dabs on some cheek powder and lip stick and feels pretty on the outside  and pretty good on the inside.

Rushing  down the stairs, the kids have  just finished their breakfasts. Looking at the clock, Yun calls,  “Hey, let’s go go go.” Within  a few minutes, they are in the car going to the  kids’ school. Walking  them across the street while the school bell rings, Yun hugs and kissed the boys off.   Yun drives to  to her own school next.

She has done this new routine for 3 months now and she has gotten the schedule done very precisely to +/- one minute. Normally, when she walks into the building or classroom, her cell phone would beep to announce the class time. But today, they are running a bit late, so the cell phone beeps while Yun just parks the car. In great hurry, Yun steps out of the car, and takes a hurried step towards the building.

Before her second step lands, she notices a pair of big fluffy slippers at the end of her creased pants. For a second, she could not quit understand what has just happened,  “Where am I? Why am I wearing slippers?” “Was I adopted by aliens on the way to school?”  When the initial shock is over, Yun regains her composure.  To her great dismay, she has forgotten to put her shoes on when she  left the house!  The fluffy slippers are now ruling her oh so professional outfit!

Yun teaches in her fluffy slippers that day. No one notices the differences in her teaching …but her students do notice the that the  fluffy slippers are out of character for Yun AND that they  do not go well with her black/grey outfit!   Everyone, including Yun,  has a good laugh.

Cece-one of The Two Whos


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