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Changing careers can be exhilirating or stressful depending on your approach. In the last few years more people have had to change careers by necessity rather than by voluntary choice. That said, whether you choose to leave or are asked to leave you have the power to use it as a catalyst for your future.

I know when my position was eliminated in 2007 it was the very thing I needed to get out and into my business full-time (I had been starting it part-time prior to that). I know clients and friends who have used similar circumstances to reinvent and reinvigorate their life and professional options.

Here's a short roundup of posts on career changes and recareering to help you in your own journey.

Career change: A (relatively) low stress approach.
A list of good and bad reasons to change careers and the steps it takes to get where you want.

Career Change Clinic: I have many interests that could become possible careers. How do I choose which one to pursue?
Great advice on how to organize your thoughts when considering a career change. Your mind is more than half the battle.

10 Corporate Skills That Will Help you Develop Your New Career
James Adams Guest post for Escape from Corporate America
Cleaver post about skills that are used in a corporate environment that will help you escape the corporate environment and thrive as an entrepreneur.

Take the Risk
Deborah A. Bailey
Why taking risks is important in career development and why a sense of security may actually be false. 

10 Steps to Creative Career Changes
Javy Wong Galindo-The Change Blog
Good list of creative ways to figure out where you want to go with your career change.

Career Change Requires Commitment to Yourself
Janet Cranford-Career Change Pathways
What those who desire a career change let get in the way of their commitment to themselves.

How Online Courses Can Help In Your Career Change
Position Ignition
How to leverage the resources of online courses to help you re-tool for a new career.

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How about you? Have you changed careers? If so what did you learn? What worked? What didn't? Would love to hear...

Paula Gregorowicz, The Intuitive Intelligence™ Coach
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