Career on Ice

I put my career on ice a few years back.  I’m starting to thaw it out.

Like a feast that was just too much to eat at one time, my career became too much to devour along with everything else on my plate.  I had to pack it up and put it away for later.

I’ve been pulling out pieces over the years, nibbling away for freelance jobs and dishing out for community projects.  But I’ve got a craving for something really fulfilling, and I’m thinking about what I want to do with what’s left.  I’m inventorying everything that is packed away in the deep freeze and seeing what I might be able to make of it all.

I’m confident the meat is still good, but I know I need to be patient and let it thaw slowly.  If I take the shortcut, the searing heat of the microwave will dry out the edges, suck out the juice and turn it into a flavorless, rubbery mass.  If I take my time and let it thaw slowly while I decide what I really want to cook up, it could turn out to be flavorful, nourishing and truly satisfying.  I might need to try out some new spices to make it more interesting, but I’m up for that.

Some of the side dishes have been in there too long and are ruined from the frost.  I’m pretty sure they sat out too long to begin with and probably weren’t worth saving in the first place.  The good news is I can replace them with something crisp, fresh and colorful that helps balance out the meal.

I may also find that some things have changed in shape and texture.  Fruit that was plump and full when first bagged-up, might shrink, but it also might get sweeter.

So, I’ll keep researching recipes, comparing notes with other cooks and doing the necessary prep work.  But I am getting pretty hungry.


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