Career Mismatch: There is Hope

  The saga of staff selection continues, and oh what a ride this has been.  The unfortunate reality I have seen is that due to the job crisis people are applying for any and all jobs available, regardless of actual interest. Gone are the days of choosing a career path because of interest and ambition. Now people are just trying to survive. 

  What I have seen this week involves about 10 people who found themselves in school to be Certified Nursing Assistants because there is demand, the schooling is quick and they were out of options. These folks have been unable to answer thr question "What motivates you to work with the elderly; particularly in memory care?"

  I have realized just how lucky I have been to find work in a field I am passionate about.  The answer is unclear, but I will say to all those applicants pursuing jobs outside of their preferred feild: I commend you for getting out there and doing whatever it takes to take care of yourselves and families. Hang in there and I pray you apply for someone willing to teach. It's easy to get discouraged but there are people out there willing tobe patient and truly help you.

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