34 incredibly effective cancer caregiver self-care tips

What is self-care, and what does it have to do with you or me? I like this simple explanation from Family Paths:“Self care includes any intentional actions you take to care for your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. … It can also be an important part of the healing process.”Self-care is not only for the sake of our own health recovery, but it’s a good idea if we want to be on top of our game as caregivers....more

Why I need my Mom to talk to me

I have a girl's weekend at the beach twice a year. It is a relaxing, wonderful time. We work on photo albums, read, catch up on each other's lives and enjoy too much good food. I'm trying to get my Mother to go with me next time and I may have finally won her over. ...more

Should Childcare Providers Be the Experts in Everything?

With more and more states requiring childcare providers to fill roles they were never trained to fill, providers are struggling to provide a well-rounded set of child development services. As providers most of us never went to college for a degree in education or a teaching license. We also did not go to school to be qualified to perform developmental and behavioral mental health assessments. ...more
SherriA we don't charge more for our services to justify anything. We charge barely enough to ...more

When Others Take Care: Lessons in Partnership

When others take care of us, it can be either uncomfortable or transformational for all concerned. When I was experiencing severe rheumatoid arthritis, my husband took over everything. Our marriage has always been a partnership. So, he cooked, cleaned house, and helped me get from one place to another, even if that was from my chair to the bathroom. My feet were swollen for over thirteen years and felt like they were on fire....more

Life Purpose As Taught By a Child With Special Needs

Originally posted on  Bangor Daily News Blogs and I May Regret This. ...more

Dear Mom: I’m Honestly Kind of Mad at You

With my mother’s birthday coming up, I figured it was about time to write her another “Dear Mom” letter.I know I’m supposed to be counting my blessings, but, unfortunately, I’m not in a very sweet and sentimental mood this week. I’m feeling frustrated and tired. And brutally honest.And so, this letter is brutally honest....more

Fathers Are the Other Half of the MotherHood

"The problem with you women," the senior partner at my law firm said, "is that you say you want to be treated just like men.  But you don't, really.  You want something different." Image Credit: David Bleasdale via Flickr...more

How Can I Define Myself With Just One Word?

I am not one thing, I am many. I am a flower with many petals; I am a pinwheel. I am a doodle of a work in progress....more
I loved this...a unique and rich journal of your "identity".  Thank you.more

Stroke ages your brain 8 years overnight

In a study of 4,900 seniors (African American and Caucasian) over 65 investigators found that stroke significantly lowered their score on a 27-item test of memory and thinking speed. How much? As if they had aged 7.9 years overnight!It's interesting to note that there were no racial differences regarding the effects of stroke, although other studies on cognitive decline have shown found significant differences. Specifically, the rates of cognitive problems in older non-Hispanic Caucasians are half those of older African Americans....more

Honoring Mothers With the Time They – and the Country – Need

If you asked mothers what would really make their lives better this Mother's Day, many of their answers would likely be similar. As much as they enjoy flowers, chocolates and other gifts, many moms wish, more than anything, that they had more time with their kids and loved ones, and to focus on their health and well-being. Giving mothers this time might seem like a pipe dream, but there are real steps we can take as a country that would help....more