When Visiting Elderly Parents This Thanksgiving, Take Time for THANKS

As we gather together to give thanks this week, don’t miss the opportunity to check in on elderly loved ones. While phone calls throughout the year are important, seeing mom and dad in person can be the best way to assess physical and mental issues.Give thanks this year by assessing how your mom and dad’s needs are being met:...more

Revisiting My Worst Days On a Visit to the ICU

My husband and I went to see a friend who had suffered a stroke during a routine heart surgery. The stroke happened over three weeks ago, but since my son graduated from the elementary school where I used to run into him during carpool duty, I didn’t find out about his condition until last week. I was catching up over lunch with another mom and she asked if I’d heard about what had happened to D. She thought my husband and I would be able to encourage him with a visit. So I texted his wife and she said we could go anytime to see him at the local Veteran’s hospital....more

Bleeding out and the Frightened Child

My mother is on Coumadin to prevent blood clots. And which, evidently, can thin your blood to the consistency of tap water. I say “tap” because when turned on, the blood will flow. And I say “evidently,” because when she fell and gashed the back of her head on the corner of an open bureau drawer, within minutes she gushed enough blood to saturate her blue bedroom carpet, paisley bedspread, fleece nightgown, even the medical alert button around her neck which she did still have the panicked presence of mind to activate. ...more

One Ask Act of Love

The Elizabeth Hospice - One Ask Act Of Love...more

That Time I Had to Pay $500 for My Medical Records

One morning I woke up to a phone call advising me that I owed $500 to a private service holding my medical records ransom. ...more
Good luck finding a family doctor. It's so hard here in Ontario to find one - took me 6 years ...more

What to Do If You Just Can’t Take Away Mom's Keys Yet

Driving is a rite of passage for many of us.  Unfortunately, not being able to drive any more due to age is also a rite of passage, but not a positive one.  According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, an average of 500 older adults are injured EVERY DAY and 15 are killed EVERY DAY due to driving accidents.   But, no matter who we have talked to, taking away the keys is one of the hardest transitions caregivers note having to make and most try to avoid it....more

Most stroke victims have undiagnosed cognitive disorders

A new (small) study out of the UK found that the "majority" of stroke patients appear to have attention disorders - most of which are undiagnosed.First, you should know that there's an attention disorder called "neglect." Can you see how this might get confusing? I'd be nervous if I was a caregiver! "Neglect" in this case is an attention and awareness deficit in one side of the body....more

Birch Birds and Masticating Boats

We’re in New Hampshire. I packed for summer. You know, shorts, bathing suits...for hot weather. It’s freezing. Gale winds. Whistling around the corners of this cute little cottage, a prelude to some freak summer nor'easter. It’s August. ...more

Go Beyond Thinking and Decide, Create, Share

I am a member of the blogger kitchen cabinet for AARP’s Decide.Create.Share. - an initiative on long-term planning....more

Making Care Easier Launches Free Caregiving App

Caring for an aging parent can be a full time job.  But, when you already have a job this can be very challenging.  Making Care Easier is here to help.  Instead of lots of phone calls, texts, emails and worrying when you don’t hear anything, keep all of your updates in one place, with emergency plans and more. ...more