Getting Ready for the Holidays with Granny

We are about to have six dogs and twelve people converge on our parents' home for the holiday. Thankfully, my parents have a good sized back yard and plenty of sleeping room. Now, if all the personalities could fit in the house.My mom has been looking forward to this for a long time. Yet, I constantly hear mumbles in her voice about how our grandmother is going to ruin everything. Chances are, she might. But, if we plan for that to happen, and assume the worst, we may be predicting our own future....more

Family Dynamics of Caring for an Elderly Parent

Three years ago, my sister didn’t send my son a graduation card.  I’m always hosting family dinners at my house, but no one returns the favor.  No matter how many times I ask my brother to do something, I always end up doing it myself.  By the time most people need to care for their parents, they already have years of family dynamics and history that drive their interactions with one another. ...more

Screen for early signs of dementia at home

Did you know there's a test you can do at home to test your loved one (or yourself) for early signs of dementia? Georgia Tech created computer software that's similar to the paper version of "The Clock Drawing Test," something health care providers often use to screen for cognitive impairment.The ClockReader test is taken with a computer or tablet and a stylus pen. The test-taker is given a set amount ot time to draw a clock (with numbers) and the correct hour and  minute hands. ...more

Sharing the Burden of Caring for an Elderly Parent

Like a child, it “takes a village” to care for an elderly parent.  Providing care for your parents can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience.  But, it can also be a job filled with taxing, and sometimes thankless work that can be physically and emotionally overwhelming--a perfect time to reach out for help. Take the Help, Leave the Guilt...more

Caring for Granny or Did You Forget Who the Star of This Show Is?

Right now, our lives are a little busy.  My sister is helping start Making Care Easier and is traveling around the US helping to support her former boss - Mitt Romney.  Mike and I are working six days a week.  Aunt Mary just moved and is dealing with all the hastles that that involves and taking care of Granny.  Mom and dad are traveling and trying to sell their house that has been on the market for about a year (4 bed, 2 bath in Streator, IL anyone?)  Who has time for Granny?  You WILL ALL make time, that’s who....more

Crazy Caregiver's First Blog

    My caregiving life,unbeknownst to me, began very long ago....more

Caring for Elderly Parents - Connecting for Caring

Making Care Easier (MCE) is working to improve the ways families are caring for their elderly parents. Now more than ever, families are spread across the country. Our mission is to make care easier for the entire family by providing the tools and information needed to help everyone stay connected and take an active part in caring. I'd love to hear your story and get your suggestions what we can build online to make your lives easier....more

Long Distance Caregiving Tips

More than 7 million Americans identify themselves as long distance caregivers. If you are the only caregiver and far away, these tips will help you to provide a unique level of care for your loved one, no matter the distance.Collect Important Information about your loved one. Organized info, including your loved one’s medical, dental, financial, legal and insurance can prove to be a big help in preparation for an unexpected crisis. Financial RecordsA detailed list of assets and any debts accrued...more

Elder Care: Make your instincts your friend

I was never on the cheerleading squad in high school.  But when it comes to women acknowledging how much we know and can apply to the elder care situation from our own life experiences, I’m all about jumping, shouting and shaking those pompoms. We have so much inner strength. Still, there’s one thing missing:  we don’t trust ourselves.It seems whenever I’m in a new situation the first thing I do is look for a specialist, someone who’s not me and therefore will surely be more competent than I think myself to be....more