I love to watch The Real Housewives of… Well, any city, state or county. New York City, New Jersey, Orange County, Beverly Hills, Atlanta. I’m there. And, I love the spin-off, Bethenny Ever After. (I even emailed Bethenny to invite her to be a guest on the talk show to discuss forgiveness.)The reality of their lives fascinates. They live in beautiful homes, they eat out a lot (and don’t gain weight), they attend parties on school nights, they bicker constantly with each other and then meet the next day for shopping and lunch....more

Are We Obligated to Take Care of Our Parents One Day?

I read a post today from a blogger who wrote about one day possibly needing to care for her adult child with disabilities. She herself is disabled, and her mother doesn't offer her much support, which hurts her. She feels that parenting doesn't end when one's children become adults (especially if they become disabled) and that her mother should be helping her more....more
jillicious  Hi Jill. Forgive me for responding in such a delayed manner, but I just today ...more

Homeschooling in a Storm

It is on a day like today, when the house feels like it is about to be blown over by the wind outside, garbage is hitting cars on the roads, and even the Burlington Bridge is closed that I am grateful that I am homeschooling our son. I know where he is and he is working calmly beside me. He is presently taking a test on science and the formation of the world. It is distracting him from the patio furniture that is blowing around in our backyard. My husband just got in as well. The roads were treacherous for him but he was safe....more

Another Thing Alzheimer's Robs You Of . . .

 Another Thing Alzheimer's Robs You Of I am so tired of being sick....more

The Vicious Cycle ...more

Chemo Brain - Fact or Fiction?

Mom eats breakfast and moments later doesn’t know whether she’s eaten or not.  You might assume such memory loss is to be expected at age 89, but just 2 months ago, when she was also 89, her memory was better than mine. What caused such a rapid decline?  She is undergoing chemotherapy treatments for Lymphoma.  Could she be suffering from “chemo brain”?  When I asked Mom’s doctor about her cognitive changes, the issue was dismissed with a knowing look of “what do you expect at age 89?”.  Am I surprised?  Unfortunately not....more

Hi Susan,

What you're describing about your mom is not uncommon. In fact, some experts ...more

Lenten Series: Living Love

As Lent approached, I had many plans on how I was going to use these forty days for my spiritual growth.  I knew at what time I was going to go to the Ash Wednesday service and had decided on the retreat I would attend the first weekend in Lent.  I had already decided what needed spring-cleaning (Lenten Series: Spring Cleaning) and I knew where I wanted to worship (Lenten Series: A Place to Call Home).  I was geared up and ready to go on my inward journey during Lent.  Little did I know that my plan was not what was planned for me.  A higher being had als...more

Having Mom Live With Us Has Taken a Toll On My Marriage . . .

Friday, March 11, 2011 Having Mom Live With Us Has Taken a Toll On My Marriage . ....more

What an amazing daughter you are. I went home to take care of my mom for a week after some ...more

Swimming Solo -- memoir now available


Ugh! A Diagnosis. Now, What?

About six years ago, my dad was diagnosed with bladder cancer. We knew something was wrong prior to the diagnosis. He and my mom returned home early from a vacation because of blood in my dad’s urine. My dad loves to travel and loves to vacation. But, he was desperate to get home. That’s when we knew he knew something was really wrong. My dad had tests. Then he had an appointment to learn the results of the test. I went with my folks to the appointment to hear the news. I took notes and asked questions. I just let my parents hear the news....more

When I was 17 I found out I had thyroid cancer, it was a shock because I was always healthy and ...more