Caring for a Primrose

Primrose BlueThe Primrose is an amazing beauty to add color to your house, or a shaded part of your lawn.  After reading this guide, even the first time gardener will be successful. There are a few different types of primroses. You have the English, and the Japanese versions on the primrose are the most common. There are many shades and shapes of the primrose. If you are new to a primrose, may people suggest the Polyanthus to start with. The Polyanthus primrose is fairly hardy, and super easy to take care of.

How much water does the primrose need?
Primrose loves moist soil. Your primrose will quickly let you know if your soil is too dry.

Does the primrose need full or partial sun?
A primrose loves a shaded area. Not too much sun is needed to make the colors shine. The primrose is a great addition for a part of the yard that does not primrose whitereceive much light, or in a dark apartment.

Besides moisture what else does the soil need?
Primroses grow great when the soil is slightly acidic. Also a nice dark, nutrient rich soil. Here is a great soil guide to help you determine what you actually need in your soil.

What else do I need to know?
Primroses are usually annuals. This all depends on your climate zone, and the type of primrose you have. Other then that, you should be good to go when it comes to the primrose. This beautiful flower can brighten up your home, or liven up the northern end of your lawn, or garden. They also make great gifts because of how easy they are to care for. I hope this helped you out. This is such a wonderful flower to keep and care for.

Thanks for reading,
orange and red primroseGarrett


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