Carrie Forrest

Carrie on Living

Carrie Forrest, MBA/MPH, is the author of the blog Carrie on Living (formerly Carrie on Vegan).

Carrie’s background is in non-profit healthcare fundraising. She holds masters degrees in business administration from the University of Southern California and in public health from the University of Massachusetts.

Carrie’s interest in wellness began over a decade ago to address the debilitating migraines, allergies, hormonal imbalances, and anxiety she was experiencing. After extensive research and study, she transformed her diet, substituting processed foods with whole, primarily plant-based ingredients.

In 2012, despite resolving most of her health issues, Carrie was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. She underwent surgery and is now living cancer-free.

Now a professional blogger, Carrie shares information on how to make healthy cooking easy and delicious while also discussing topics of intuitive eating and stress management.

Carrie lives with her husband and tabby cat in California. When she’s not washing kale for a green smoothie, she can be found looking at food porn on Instagram or attempting to not hurt herself on the yoga mat.