Carrie Pacini

For The Feast
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Carrie Pacini is a chilled glass of champagne, disguised as a mother, writer, entrepreneur and creative technologist. She is currently the co-creator and lead writer for For The Feast and co-founder of the Mom 2.0 Summit.

Prior to co-creating For The Feast and Mom 2.0, Carrie co-founded The Wine Conference — an intimate exploration of fine wine & food pairings, featuring national experts like Gary Vaynerchuk and award-winning regional chefs.

Carrie’s work has been featured and “Top 10” listed in both online and traditional publications such as Forbes,, Parent & Child Magazine, Yahoo Picks, and many others. When she’s not organizing events and building her businesses, Carrie serves on the Board of Directors for the Italian Cultural and Community Center, and conquers intimidating dishes in her home kitchen — with the help of her husband John and 8- and 11-year old sous chefs, Giulia and Adrian. Carrie’s bubbly enthusiasm for Classical and Old World cuisine has also fueled numerous global travel adventures, where she continues her epic quest to find the perfect bottle of sparkling rosé.