Carrot Baby: A Review of Beaba BabyCook


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When we first received our Beaba machine from my soon-to-be mom-in-law, I thought it was a little excessive. It steams and processes veggies in one machine. IT IS AMAZING. I can make snacks for Snoot while wearing her, and there is no risk for her…(Steaming food on the stove is not really possible with her grabby hands).

I should also note that Snoot’s inner dinosaur has returned: when I set her up to play on her own, she has about a four-minute timer before she straightens both arms, arches her back, and wails “mamamama maaaaaaaa…ack ahh ack  mamamama….”

So chopping, steaming, processing, and containing the food, and washing allll the dishes isn’t really…fun (possible) with the new dinosaur-dependency stage.

Enter Beaba, the SAHM superhero.Easier to clean than our well-worn food processor. Takes a short time. Awesome.

Some people have claimed it’s not worth the money, but many of those people spend their money on funny things like disposable diapers and wipes, jarred baby food, cable TV, pop-up playpens, etc.., so whatever. Expense is relative to priorities, in almost every case, and if this super badass machine had not been given to me as a gift, I’d buy it for sure. And I’m one of those weird hippies who eats very few processed foods ever(except mayo…I have a thing for mayo), makes everything from scratch, blah blah.

One reason that I felt a little weird about it at first was that we were planning to let Snoot feed herself, and I thought that wouldn’t be possible with pureed food, but it totally is. It’s messy, but she’s great with a spoon or with her hands. And she’s really into it.


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