Cat question: Catproof upholstery for an office chair?

We’ve recently moved my desk and the office chair into our bedroom as I’ve found it makes me more productive. The cats have taken a strong liking to the chair and sleep on it any chance they get.

We don’t mind this, but the chair fabric is taking a beating. Our cats aren’t bad with scratching in general. They have figured out that scratching the back of the chair is a great way to get our attention fast. And because they still have their claws, material snags on it by accident once in a while as well.

Hence, catproofing the office chair.

I’m thinking upholstery since it’s the easiest. After some research, I’ve found the only fabric most people agree is catproof is microfibre. So, I’m currently on the microfibre hunt and there aren’t many options, to be honest, since I was looking for a pattern. However, you can’t go wrong with a solid color so we’ll see how it turns out.

Any tips on catproofing your furniture?

And, if you know of catproof upholstery, let me know!

Kelsey Sunstrum
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