Cat Sitting - Soup and Rice

Marc and I have been babysitting our friend’s kittens, Soup and Rice for the past few days, while their people folk travel for Thanksgiving.  Soup and Rice (say their names fast, several times… faster…come on… say it faster) were quite the surprise (get it?).  My friend’s mother kept feeding a stray, pregnant, female cat that would appear near their house this past summer.  So, when the cat gave birth, she left the kittens right in front of my friend’s door.  

The kittens must have only been a few weeks old, when my friend and her family took them in.  I remember they fit in the palm of my hands. Several months later, I can’t believe how much these two have grown.  They are huge!

These are the first cats my friend and her family have ever had.  Marc has been giving them advice since day one.  They have been listening to most of his advice, except for how important it is to keep their litter clean.  We have found that my friend and her family are not as obsessive with litter boxes, and the cleaning of them, as Marc and I are.  (I know, we have problems and are compulsive – but it is not OUR fault that Alex demanded five litter boxes, is it?)

On the first day we went over, as I prepared their food, Marc looked in their litter box and found it was totally full.  He immediately emptied it out.  The two cats then FOUGHT to see who could get in the box first.  By the time we left, Marc had to empty the box again.

Each and every time we go there, as soon as Marc empties the box the cats run in. Multiple times! They are having a blast.  I do fear that my friend will have some struggles ahead of her if she doesn’t keep up with Marc’s pristine lead.

If you have a cat, how obsessive are you with cleaning the box?

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