Catching Up

Shelton had his first trip to emergency last Saturday. We were at a family function when his week-long teething fever shot up, followed by a lot of vomit. Shelton has vomited only once before in his entire life, when he had an ear infection, so off to Emerg went we. After a three hour "observation" session, a dose of the same anti-nauseant they give to chemo patients, and a spectactularly messy purple popscicle, he was joyfully crashing around like the little maniac he is.

And then his sister started vomiting.

So, it was was a random virus that kept us up until 1am. Joy. The kids chugged Gatorade and ate arrowroot cookies before bed and slept in until 10am the following morning. Thank God.

I got sick on Thursday. Sore throat, high fever, stumbling around like I had been experimenting with recreational chemicals. Mike tucked me in, gave me Advil, and checked in periodically. I had the best sleep of my life.

The fall schedule starts on Monday, and I have so much left to do.

We'll be shopping pretty much all day today. I'll be cutting things out, cleaning, baking and getting organized pretty much all day tomorrow. My crew is back full-time next week. They will be SO excited to get back into theme weeks, games and craft projects. These last few weeks of summer laziness have been just a bit too lazy for most of them.

I'm so grateful to my sister for coming to help me out next week. She's a gifted child care provider, and a joy to work with.

In other news, I've eliminated packaged granola bars, packaged oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, and store-bought muffins from our repertoire. This is part of my quest to reduce our garbage output, and generally be a better earthling. We've also made a huge effort to spend out - to use up the rarely used dry goods and household chemicals we've accumulated over the years, empty our household project cupboard, and use fewer resources overall. I'm enjoying the extra storage space.

But I'm really, REALLY looking forward to the end of this package of half-caff coffee.

This has been a dark week for so many that I love. Parenting is tough stuff, and their kids did a stellar job of showing them EXACTLY how tough it can be. Hugs to all of you. I hope you're through this soon.

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