Catching Up

I really thought I would have some good knitting to show you guys this week, but it has just gotten away from me.  I've been busy at work, so I've pretty much just wanted to lay down and not think when I got home.  Which means I didn't quite finish the new quarter of my blanket like I thought I would.  So close, though!

It's definitely my favorite part of the blanket so far.  I'm crazy about the way the colors are working together, especially the green and teal bottom square.  I love it!  I can't wait to see how it looks once it is put together.

When I haven't been working on squares or sleeping, it's been mostly baby stuff around here.  We've checked out a few daycares; went to a babies 101 session on cloth diapering, babywearing, baby massage, and doulas (some of which were a little too crunchy for my husband) at a very cool nearby store, Caribou Baby; I've bought some just-in-time maternity wear (none of my old pants fit, as of this week); and we went in for a fetal echocardiogram and learned that baby's heart looks good.  We also learned what flavor baby we're having, so expect to see lots of skirts and lace on this page soon (yey!!!!!!!!!).  Finally, I've been preparing for tomorrow's journey to register -- wish me luck, because we only made it through the wedding registry by having two bottles of wine as soon as we got home, and I felt more in my element going into that.

I hope by the next time you hear from me I have that square-and-a-half finished!

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