Cate's Cates

I started this blog because I come from a long line of women who are obsessed with food, and I myself can't stop talking about food.  And as if that wasn't bad enough, I can't follow a recipe without altering it.

I also need to feed everyone.  Yes, even you.  And all the food has to be delicious, no matter how many dietary requirements I am catering to.  If the allergy-friendly food isn’t so good that the people without allergies are fighting over it, I’m not doing my job properly.

When I'm not in the kitchen, I work at a Medical Research Institute with about 80 hungry scientists in my Divisions.  They are the frequent beneficiaries (victims?) of my baking frenzies, which pleases me greatly, as I can then tell everyone that my recipes are scientifically tested...

I hope you enjoy my recipes and culinary misadventures!