The Catholic Church Continues to Ignore the Issues: Earthquake Devestation of Haiti 2010

    High in the "Ivory Tower" on Wednesday, Pope Benedict commanded immediate orders that the Roman Catholic Church Charity Network assist in the aide of those suffering from the devastating effects of the earthquake in Haiti.

    Today, I woke up struggling to make it to Church on time. My car, as always had a little trouble starting. After driving around the block for 10 minutes I decided she would make it to Church.

     Quietly entering to join my congregation almost 15 minutes late, I found a place to sit and as most "dutiful" Catholics do, I took a few minutes to align myself with the grace of God. I had made it just in time to understand that we as Catholics are entering a period in which we call "Ordinary Time". As I observed the Priests, they were now wearing green. The color green in the Church represents, "Life and Hope" to Catholics.

      A few moments later, it was time for "General Intercessions".  Without the 101, "General Intercessions" also known as "Prayers of the Faithful" is a time where the Church petitions prayers to God and we all respond, "Lord Hear our Prayer".

      Petitions were made, for our Pope, for the dying in our congregation. But, alas, maybe I wasn't listening. But, there was no mention of those suffering in Haiti. I thought, "Could this be right?".

       I feel it has nothing to do with being Catholic to care about the issues happening globally and furthermore all the horrific suffering in Haiti. It is only human to care about others' in need and the least we can do is Pray or put our thoughts towards those suffering in Haiti.

       It is a proposed that 80% percent of Haitians are Catholic out of 10 million. The Catholic Church again continues to ignore the issues and as we sit warm and safe in the Hands of God in a Church that we trust and grew up wtih, I can't help but, question what is the meaning of Catholic faith? Where is our Church going? Who is leading our Church?

      A main focus of Ordinary time is to focus on the scriptures. The only scripture I can focus on now is Matthew 15:12-14, the scripture reads, "If then a blind man, guides a blind man, both will fall into a pit". 

     A whisper has been made that the Priests were forbidden to speak about the issues of Haiti at Mass today. What could take prescedent to discussing these issues? I, certainly understand why we don't discuss the issues already of women not being able to become ordained Priests or molestation cases of Childen by some of those we sat in small dark boxes confessing our sins to. But, how can one ignore the issue of HUMAN COMPASSION?

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