Cathys Voice Now

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”
― Maya Angelou

I am: Mother and Grandmother; Alcoholic/Addict in long term recovery; Non Profit Manager and Trainer; Writer; Blogger; Loves reading and music; Hanging out with friends is the best.

As a child I learned that keeping secrets was the “norm.”    We used the term “don’t ask-don’t tell” long before the military put the policy in place.  I knew I had a voice, I just wasn’t allowed to use it.  Over the years, I forgot it was there.

But in time, I found my voice.  I know some people who just don’t know how to stop talking; I don’t know how to stop writing. I can say things through writing that I can’t seem to express with talking. It just feels freer and safer.

When people ask me why I share my life and my story so openly, I tell them, “because I have to.”  I was in my 30′s before I knew anyone ever felt like I did.  I didn’t understand that other people had experienced the same pain, the same shame, and the same feeling I had.

I am currently working on a book and hope to finish it in 2013.  Once I finish, I will figure out how to go about publishing it.  

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