Cats in the Cradle

I know it was just yesterday that my K’s kindergarten teacher was explaining (very patiently ) that staying until after lunch did not qualify as ‘just getting her settled in’

Her first grade teacher said that peeking through the outside window of her class room was not best of ideas and may be scaring the other children.

The next several grades just gave up and the school allowed me to tutor there.

We spent the junior high years home schooling.

I homeschool because I have seen the village and I don't want it raising my children

High School was HARD (for me – she did fine) We only had a few little parking lot incidents in which I wrapped my legs around her and had a little cry (well maybe a great big, snot flowing, ugly cry). Can you believe they don’t let you hang out in the High School lobby, parking lot, or library….THE NERVE!)


They do however let you chaperone trips. (sorry honey but that real job is getting in the way of my parental duties as a law abiding chaperone, and no I didn’t volunteer and whoever told you I elbowed them out of the way to do so was wrong …just wrong)

This week we go to do college interviews. I can tell you exactly how many hours it will take me to get to Vanderbilt College (at the speed limit and pushing the limits) For each college town she is applying to, I can tell you the graduation rate, the crime rate, and job listings for wedding planners (just in case there’s an opportunity I can’t pass up- and by pass up I mean keep me off of public assistance)

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Prayers appreciated (for me-she will be fantastic)

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