Knowing my representatives is important and I find that it is always the perspective of each individual that creates the platforms for the political representatives.

How well do you educate yourself on the different representatives running for the presidency and how much of your knowledge is coming from research versus media ads? What baffles me is the amount of people that don’t investigate in depth on each of the candidates. I know that many of you are very intelligent and find your way to different sources to confirm the different platforms and for that I am truly grateful but there are many people who vote and do not educate themselves on their candidates.

So is it better to vote for whom you like more or to not vote at all? I know that numbers help any of the candidates when a person votes. However how helpful is the vote if the candidate is not worthy? I find myself reading small blurps, watching mud throwing ads, and wishing for the back to basic platform ads to return to the media.  I then take a moment to get on my computer and investigate each of the candidates only to find more bashing and run-around discussion about what each candidate will not follow through with. Obviously not all Internet sites are bad and going to each candidate’s main campaign page will help. Does every person know to keep looking or are the more impressionable people going to stop after reading horrible things about one candidate and choose another based on the wrong reasons?

So what is a good voter? Is it a person that chooses their candidate based on one sole platform such as abortion? Is it a person who takes a look at the candidate’s track record for following through with “promises” for change? Is it a person who looks at who is younger and better looking?

I will be honest there are times when I reviewed candidates and didn’t appreciate the fact that all the ads consisted of what another opponent was doing wrong, which helped decide they were not worth my vote. I tend to appreciate the ads that take their 30 seconds and use it wisely to educate viewers on what they want to change in our world.  I will go as far as to say that there were reasons I didn’t vote for a person based on their lack of ability to educate others on overall needs to improve our country.  I investigate the candidates I like and from there make my decision however I know not every individual does.

Politics is always intense and never going to be simple, but think about how you are going to educate yourself next time you decide to vote. It may change your ability to save money, amount spent on taxes, how your healthcare is provided, or what will be left for your child in the future.


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