Playing Doctor Has Gone Too Far: What Do I Do?

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[Editor's Note: Kids will be kids. Or will they? When do you let their imaginations take flight and when do you intervene? Those are the questions that One Crusty Mom is pondering this week -- after she caught her son playing doctor. She asks some tough questions in response to a sticky situation. When is enough... enough? -Jenna]

Caught Playing Doctor with the Pants Down:

Playing DoctorBut when they start sneaking off to play doctor, and try to tell you, "we're not playing doctor, we're playing medical storm troopers and Captain Rex needs a shot," when or what do you do?

I will not interfere with their healthy development. House. Fort. TreeHouse Family. You name it. Kids play it. But when do you put your foot down on the constant role this particular game plays whenever your son is around that child that all they want to do, is play Doctor? Even more so, when "The Doctor," tells your son to play Doctor anyways, even though I just finished saying, "No Doctor?"

Continue reading & offer this mom some advice on the playing doctor conundrum.

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