The cause of your kid's concussion is partly due to where you live

Where I read the headline, "Research provides new insight into rural versus urban causes of childhood concussion," I thought for sure I knew what I'd be reading. 

I figured it was "kids in the country get sports concussions and kids in the city get it from abuse or accidents or something." WRONG.

Researchers from Western University say that youth living in urban areas (cities) sugger concussions mostly from sports. And surprisingly, hockey accounts for 40% of those! (I would have guessed football.)

In the country (well, rural areas), it's more likely that a kid's concussion is from ATVs or dirt bikes. 

These numbers came from tracking all 2,112 of the kids/teens under 18 that presented to the London Health Sciences Centre (which I think is in Ontario, Canada, not London, England).

I'd like to see the same study done in the U.S. because it would likely be that football, not hockey, accounts for the majority of urban (and possibly rural) concussions.

Here's what I read:




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