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Drinking Causes Violent Behavior in Those Who Suppress Anger


Some people aren't "themselves" when they drink. Some become "silly drunks," "clumsy drunks" or "over-sharing drunks." And then of course there's the "violent drunk." A recent study in the journal Addiction showed that violence that results from drinking alcohol is caused by an individual's suppressed anger.

The study examined self-reported data of almost 3,000 young adults in Norway, who were divided into three groups based on their respective levels of suppressed anger. Go figure, an anger study in the land that spawned the Vikings. Anywho, the individuals were examined first at ages 16 to 17 and then again at ages 21 to 22. For the group with the highest tendency to suppress angry feelings, a 10 percent increase in drinking to the point of intoxication was linked to a five percent increase in violent behavior. The other two groups--those who didn't repress angry feelings--produced no such results.


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