Caution: Your Kids Might Just End Up Just Like Their Parents

We've been having a problem with Wesley lately: He will stay up to all hours reading when he's supposed to be asleep. Yay for reading, of course, but the biggest problems are the aftereffects. He sleeps in the next morning and spends the rest of the day arguing and complaining.

We have tried everything to make him stop. I took away his TV privileges, which seemed pretty silly. "Keep reading and you'll never watch TV again! That'll teach you!" We gave him half an hour of reading every night before bed if he would just please stop when it was over. We took his lamp away and he turned on his room light. We started patrolling the hallway more regularly (German Shepherds, searchlights, concertina wire...we go all out), and he started reading by the streetlight. Tonight I came upstairs and heard some rustling. I stepped into his room and gave him my best mommy-guilt eyebrow. He sadly lifted up his pillow to reveal two books hidden underneath like it was his meth stash.

This is a case of the nut not falling far from the tree. I used to and still do stay up way too late reading books. The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo series was my biggest problem last year. I read each one in 2 days and I was not fun to live with. I imagine. I'm not really sure. It's all kind of a blur. I know I have a problem because it doesn't even take a particularly good book to keep me up, hence the recent spate of Jack Reacher novels.

Wednesday night, while I was up reading The Dog Listener, he clandestinely stayed up reading The Lightning Thief. Thursday morning we were both grouchy. After much grousing about his math lessons (the day before he was learning long division and all of a sudden subtraction is "too hard"), I gave up and called school off for the day. We cuddled up on the couch and went back to reading. Now I'm an enabler.


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