Talking To Our Kids About Jian Ghomeshi

Trigger Warning: I am going to discuss the Jian Ghomeshi issue through the lens of parenting. Though not graphic, I do mention rape, abuse and violence. If you need help or support, contact your local women's shelter. I would rather be talking to my son about his love for My Little Pony, or recounting to him my recent holiday in Eastern Ontario (the leaves guys, the leaves), but instead, I am fielding questions about Jian Ghomeshi....more

Radio Two


Why "While Men Watch" Isn't Helping Women

It's no secret that I'm a huge hockey fan. If you follow me on Twitter, you've probably seen my expletive laden tweets during the hockey season. I take no prisoners. I speak my mind about the game, the officiating, and players that I don't care for personally. I actually understand the game of hockey, and I didn't need a man to "help" me.  That's why the "While The Men Watch" blog and now Hockey Night In Canada commentators is so very wrong....more
This show is exactly what sports novices - and particularly women - do not need. Sports rules, ...more

Points Taken

by Lianne Castelino ...more

Mellissa Fung's 28 Days in Captivity Under an Afghan Sky

In 2008 CBC reporter Mellissa Fung did something that no journalist ever wants to do -- she became the story. On October 12, 2008 she was grabbed as she was leaving Charahi Qaambar refugee camp, northeast of Kabul, stabbed twice and forced into a car by men with guns. She would spend the next four weeks underground in a hole smaller than my bedroom closet. Under an Afghan Sky is her story in her own words....more

Any word on when the book will be available in the US? I can only find it on amazon canada.more

What's In Your Chicken? Canadian Investigation Suggests That You Might Not Want That Kiev For Dinner

Today, the CBC -- Canada's public broadcaster -- released a report that indicates that the chickens that Canadians are buying at their local supermarkets are very probably chock-full of not-so-delicious superbugs. Is it too alarmist of me to say that this freaking horrifies me? ...more

Hey Catherine, thanks for sharing this. It really is so due past time for a huge makeover of ...more