"CBS Sunday Morning" is like church with coffee.

I just saw a story on ”Sunday Morning” about the man who founded Tom’s Shoes.  His name isn’t Tom, it’s Blake Mycoskie. ”Tom’s” stands for “shoes for tomorrow.” Cameras followed Blake while he gave children their first-ever pair of shoes. I’ve always loved watching a man tie shoes for a child, and today’s show explained how that simple act represents much more. 

Blake was donating shoes in a country where a soil condition causes painful swelling of the feet and because so many kids there don’t have shoes, they can’t walk far. There he is, putting shoes on the kids, finding the right size, and when he ties them on, the pride of ownership lights up their faces. Those smiles - lordy! 

(If the name sounds familiar, Blake was a contestant on "The Amazing Race.")

Blake founded the company with the promise, “With every pair you purchase, Tom’s will give a pair of new shoes to a child in need. One for One.” Love that formula. Buy a pair - give a pair.  Tom’s website has more videos and news updates. I went online and it took a while to load - I like to think because millions of people saw the show this morning and immediately went to buy a pair. Here’s the link:


Now I’m going back there to buy shoes, which I won’t be able to wear, because I have impossible-to-fit feet-with-issues.  I like the knowledge that a child will get shoes because I got some. I’ll give the new ones away too.  

“CBS Sunday Morning” feels like church to me.  Today’s show is their “money issue” which is a sermon, with chapter and verse about how we got into this predicament.  Tom’s Shoes is one of the uplifting songs we get to sing  at the end of the service as we leave to go out and try to do better in the coming week

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