CDO for Spaces and Spices

My friend has a cat picture with the words

I have CDO

it's like OCD

but all the letters are in alphabetical order



My Response: All the important spices in my kitchen are segregated to an easily accessible ergonomic point on the left side of the stove,,,,, and of course they are in alpha beti cal order! I just now realized that I can spell 'alphabetical' alpha beti cally simply by adding a couple of spaces. Life doesn't get much better than that, ah. For some strange reason my iPad put a question mark at the end of that previous sentence instead of a period.


This used to drive my wife insane, always having my four favorite spices easily within reach. They weren't up in the cabinet out of sight, was the demand. I countered with, but you are wasting my time by them constantly getting LOST in the mess that is your cabinet! There were heated arguments in the early years where I even calculated (off the top of my head) how many HOURS per YEAR she was wasting of MY life by losing the spices in the black hole that is HER messy cabinet.


Garlic Powder

Onion Powder




But then Oregano was soon added, and it stayed at a population of five for maybe fifteen years. Plus I learned that it is okay to have multiple containers of pepper scattered throughout the house. Just leave mine alone, my one on the row.


But recently The Wifey has been cooking a few new things and I added chili powder to my meaty cheesie scrambled eggs, so suddenly there are now eight containers on Spice Row.


And here they sit, all the thyme


I just now realized that is more than a silly sentence; it's true, that is all the thyme I have in the house.

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