Cecile Richards, Margaret Cho, and Logan Levkoff kick off #BlogHer17

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Some days my job is the most fun, like when I get to announce super-cool keynote conversations at #BlogHer17.

As we previously announced we’re adding a new health & wellness theme throughout the conference, on the heels of last year’s Wine & Gyn Kick-Off Keynote. So, this year, we will once again kick off the conference on Thursday afternoon with a keynote on this theme, this time with a frank and provocative conversation about women’s bodies, health, rights, and yes…sex too.

The Kick-Off Keynote will begin with a one-on-one interview with Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards. Whether it’s ACA or the latest tax plan Planned Parenthood always seems to be at the center of political debate. While abortion continues to draw controversy even 44 years after the right to choose became the law of the land, today, the controversy has extended to one about women’s health more broadly. It seems everyone has an opinion about women’s access to contraception, preventive testing, and even the value of maternity care! While those conversations in Washington seem to be dominated by rooms full of men, we thought a room full of women deserved to hear the positions of Planned Parenthood on all of these issues, straight from the source.

From the political to the personal (although those lines are always blurred when it comes to women’s bodies), BlogHer’s sister property HelloFlo presents “Between the Stirrups…”, part of our continuing mission to get us all comfortable with our bodies, with sex, and with not only being positive and empowered women when it comes to our bodies and health, but raising the next generation to be positive and empowered too. HelloFlo founder and SheKnows Senior Vice President Naama Bloom will lead what is guaranteed to be an enlightening chat (and maybe a slightly wild one) because she is joined by none other than comedian, actress, activist Margaret Cho and television sexpert Logan Levkoff.


Here’s a bit of BlogHer trivia: Logan spoke on BlogHer’s very first panel about sex way back at BlogHer ’06!!! And Margaret? She was at BlogHer ’10 in New York City, appearing at a Harley Davidson event. We’re thrilled to have them both back!

So, come for the provocative and likely hilarious Kick-Off Keynote, stay for the ever-growing list of other amazing women joining us at #BlogHer17, including Joy Reid, Janet Mock, Luvvie Ajayi, Meredith Walker, and learning from the dozens of accomplished speakers appearing throughout the conference in our break-out track. And to meet sponsors in our Expo. And to connect with friends new and old. And to walk away with more knowledge, inspiration, and self-belief than you had when you walked in.





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