Bloggers Take Their Families Out For a Fun Day At The Park.

What better way to spend quality time with your family than a fun day at the amusement park. From exhilarating rides to exciting attractions and yummy food, bloggers dish on all of the great features Cedar Fair's parks have to offer. 

Click on the links below to read their posts and discover how these parks are truly fun for the whole family.

Waking Up The Beast

Green boy is afraid of roller coasters, but he doesn’t want to be. Privately, he longs to conquer his fear, and have just as much fun as the baby, his 8-year–old brother, who seeks the thrills.Naturally, I wanted to help Green Boy. As soon as we entered Kings Island, we all headed over to the Backlot Stunt Coaster. Top speed was a mere 40 mph, much more calm than the Racer's 53, – and the drop was only 30 feet. And, what possibly could be that bad for 1 minute?...more

Valleyfair Adventure (Sponsored)

This story actually starts back in 1987, in a living room in Fargo, North Dakota (pronounced Fargoooooo, Nooooord Dah-koooooota). It was a hot summer day (yes, Fargo gets hot), and my little brother and I were beating the heat by watching some excellent television inside our air-conditioned living room.When I say we were watching excellent television, I am obviously talking about shows like Jem, Ducktales, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the Brady Bunch. But the commercials held our attention, too. One commercial in particular....more

Canada's Wonderland = Fun for the whole family!

I love amusement parks! I have so many happy memories of hanging upside down on roller coasters, I couldn't wait to see how my daughter felt about the big thrill rides. That's why we have kids, right? Guaranteeing someone to sit beside us on roller coasters?...more

Yes to Carowinds!

The past few months have been crazy for our little family & we've been aching to get away, just the three of us. We considered short weekend trips to the mountains & it's too early for the beach, but time constraints kept us home.When BlogHer approached us with the chance to go to Carowinds for the day with Harrison, I called Doug & he immediately said "YES!" My man loves him some roller coasters & this would give us a chance to have some family fun....more

Cedar Point with Kids

Dave and I haven’t been to Cedar Point since I got pregnant with Finnegan, so it's been six years. I think it is the longest stretch of time in my life I haven’t been there at least once in a summer.Every time we saw a commercial, Finn would beg us to go and believe me, here in Ohio, you see a lot of those commercials. We kept telling him we would go when he was older, that it was for bigger kids....more

Even This Old Mom Loved Valley Fair

It's difficult for us as a family to go spend a full day having fun in the Summertime. Jed works nearly every day during this season, and it seems we always have something going on to interfere with family time. Somehow the stars aligned a few weeks ago and all five of us went to Valleyfair. Eloise, who is 9, had been begging us for two years to go and truly I felt that maybe the kids were just too young. Oh was I wrong!...more

Summer Kick-Off

We were lucky enough to have the opportunity to kick off summer vacation with a great trip to Cedar Point Amusement Park. The kids asked to take friends, but since we have no extra room in the car (still figuring out what to do about that when the baby comes!) we decided it was just going to be a family day-some great bonding time....more

ValleyFair...Fun for Everyone!

Approximately 30 years ago, my grandparents started a tradition...a tradition that, while the numbers of our group have dwindled, still holds strong today! That tradition is Valleyfair...Minnesota's version of "The Happiest Place on Earth"! And truth be told? You can't NOT have fun at Valleyfair!...more

Family Fun at Kings Dominion

As a native of Northern Virginia, one of my favorite summer rituals from childhood was our annual trip to Kings Dominion. I went nearly every summer, either with the swim team or my family. Check out these photos I found in my family album ... circa 1978!...more

Family Road Trip: Knott's Berry Farm (Which is not a farm, at all.)

Lately I'm all about getting out and having adventures, I was psyched at the chance to take Dee to Knott's Berry Farm. Which, instead of rows of berries, it is now populated with lines of people, waiting to get on their ever-growing collection of thrilling rides (I remember going there with my brownie troop when Montezooma's Revenge opened - no that's not a spelling error) and also with the Peanuts Gang, who are EVERYWHERE....more