Celebrate National Macaroon Day With A Recipe Round-up

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Sweet and creamy. Coconutty and crispy around the edges. Macaroons might be one of my favorite...I don't know...cookies? Confections? A little of both? Whatever they are, they're delicious, and to celebrate National Macaroon Day today, I wanted to share some great macaroon recipes with you.


I should make a quick clarification for those who might think I'm talking about macarons, that ever-so-French sandwich confection that involves two egg-white-based discs sandwiching some sort of filling. I must admit...though I've had excellent macarons before, they're not my favorite. I am a coconut girl, through and through.

I come by my love of macaroons honestly. My grandmother, from whom I definitely inherited my love of cooking to feed a crowd, used to make macaroons when I was a kid. She kicked her macaroon-making into high gear when one of my cousins was diagnosed with Celiac's disease, because they were a gluten-free treat that he could have whenever he wanted. I had no problem digesting gluten, but I was certainly happier, any day, eating a macaroon or three.

Here are some macaroon recipes to try in celebration of this day...and this delicious sweet:

Do you have a favorite type of macaroon? Share your macaroon-y thoughts in the comments below.

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Image Credit: little blue hen on Flickr, used under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0) license.


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