Celebrate Pi Day with Apple and Toffee-Peanut Hand Pies

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We have a small obsession with pi and pie in our house. My son has been fascinated with the number pi for as long as I can remember. Few things in life are forever. I think the fact that this number goes on forever in some ways offers him an unmet challenge to memorize as many of the numbers as he can. Last year on a family vacation he memorized pi to fifty numbers, past the 3.14 most of us know. Ask him today and he will still be able to recite them back to you.

Apple and Toffee Peanut Hand Pies
Image: Courtesy of Eating Local in the Lou

The pie obsession is my hubby’s. He was so fortunate to grow up with a mother that loved to bake and was gifted with stellar baking skills. Her particular talent was making beautiful pies with from-scratch crusts.

Then the poor guy met and married me, who couldn’t make a successful piecrust from scratch even if my life depended on it. Plus, being a dietitian and always trying to make healthy foods, I seldom get the notion to bake a pie. Needless to say, he gets gypped out of homemade pie most days of the year.

So in order to celebrate one of my son’s favorite numbers with one of my husband’s favorite desserts, I made pie for Pi DayApple and Toffee-Peanut Hand Pies. I can justify that these pies are healthy-ish in that they are filled with apples, lemon juice, cinnamon, and peanuts, and are serving-size appropriate. 

I used refrigerated pie dough to avoid risking a baking flop. Rather than adding toffee chips and sugar as the original recipe suggests (Cooking Light), I used crushed toffee-covered peanuts purchased from the farmers' market. Also, the recipe calls for fresh apples but I thought this would be a great recipe to use frozen apples from last fall’s harvest.  

(To freeze apples for later use: Slice or chop fresh apples, toss with lemon juice to coat, and freeze in a single layer on a cooking sheet. Then transfer to a plastic freezer bag until ready to use.)


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