Celebrating birth!

Last week was my birthday week. Yay! Something to celebrate.

Now, I don't remember my own birth…

Yet, I do remember funny, exciting, anxious, annoying, precious, and miraculous moments from the births of my children.

The moments that are top-of-mind include:

how nervous I was when my doctor told me we might need to use forceps to get my daughter out because her heart rate was dropping, how proud I felt each time my daughter responded to my encouragement to raise her heart rate, my daughter's "hungry" look when she was first swaddled up and placed in my arms, how uncomfortable I felt when my contractions came on fast and frequent during labor with my son, how my son made himself known with a nice loud yell when he came out, and how connected I felt with both of my children as we experienced this miraculous experience together.

What would you like to remember and/or celebrate about the births you've experienced?

If you haven't yet given birth, what would you like to experience?



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