Celebrating Community Service With a Facebook Game to Make This A Better World

As a busy mommy blogger and mom of triplets plus one more all born within a year, I don’t have much time for playing games online. I do try my best, though, to keep up with everything that’s new on the social networks and share my discoveries with readers whenever I find something I think is particularly note-worthy. I just came across such a find: a brand new Facebook game that just launched that already has 24,000+ Likes on Facebook and more than 83,000 active users. So, I dug deeper to learn more about why this online diversion has grown so exponentially, seemingly overnight. I signed up for the free A Better World http://AbetterWorld.com app in conjunction with my personal Facebook account only recently. But, my initial reaction is that it is easy to learn, really fun and I like the basic premise of it: to make the world a better place. Players -- and almost all the players are women, many of whom have not played Facebook games before -- get a chance to express gratitude for good things in our lives, and send positive messages to others. We also have the opportunity to earn points for performing real world acts of kindness. This seems like a great way of bringing daily awareness of community service and general kindness into the forefront of every day. Research shows it makes you feel better to stop and appreciate your life, achievements, family, a home over your head. Do that in this game and you get points! You can even make other players feel good by commenting on their postings. And, if you feel down, someone might cheer you up and give you just the motivation to pick yourself up and get moving again. Certainly women need to and should take time off from work and we shouldn't feel guilty about it. Besides, A Better World provides a form of relaxation where you can easily capture a few minutes for yourself. Considering that taking brief work breaks has been proven to actually give you more physical energy as well as boost your creativity and productivity as a blogger, I don’t see any reason not to give it a try. Now there’s one more incentive to get off the treadmill of life once in awhile and to also do something that might benefit others. Come to think of it, I think ABW's appeal is not just to the women's blogging community. Many of our individual blog audiences might benefit from knowing how they can get involved in this unique guilt-free, feel-good game's community, too. In addition to creating and publishing the blog http://MommyBlogExpert.com , I disclose that I have become a fan and quickly agreed to become a brand ambassador for A Better World.
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