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Three, two, one Happy New Year! This year I resolve to celebrate me! I jumped started my New Year’s resolution in October on my birthday [after all our birthday’s are our individual New Year celebrations]. First goal lose the baby fat, and now that the baby is 11 years old I officially need to lose the preteen fat. After many hours of infomercial watching I finally purchased the program of all programs that would melt away the pounds just by eating. Fast forward to December… I followed all the instructions to put the kit together, and lo and behold the fine print for success was 30 minutes of daily cardio along with plenty of water and 6 small meals. Every lifestyle change I have tried comes with tracking my success, and although I love to journal I do not like the monotonous task of keeping track of what I ate, how long and hard did I exercise, and did I drink enough water today.

So what has kept me on track for nine days straight? As I said in the beginning; the celebration of me! I woke up one more resolved to follow the program, but I needed a way to remind myself and to motivate myself. I decided to set alarms in two to three hour increments on my cell phone. And not just any bleeps and boops, but loving reminders in my own voice to myself. I used my phone’s voice recorder to record and then used the following recordings as my ringers:

7:00 am – “Good Morning Beautiful! Time to start your day with a healthy energized breakfast.”
10:00 am – “ Its snack time beautiful. No more than 100 calories, and don’t forget the water.”
12:00 pm – “Time to jog in place. Yes your day may be busy, but get in your 30 minutes of cardio, or how about a fast
paced walk around the block.”
1:00 pm – “Its lunch time. Let’s look at that plate. Is there a lean protein and something green? How about that complex carbohydrate? Enjoy each morsel as it nourishes your body.”
4:00 pm – “ Its snack time again beautiful. No more than 100 calories, and don’t forget the water.”
7:00 pm – “ Last meal of the day. Let’s be sure we are eating lean and green.”
9:00 pm – “Time to wind down your day. Reflect on your day. Did you drink enough water? Did you eat green and lean? Did you work out today? Get some rest and God willing I will see you in the morning. Peace.”

To my surprise, the first day I kept smiling hearing my sexy version of me motivating me. I jumped up to every alarm and worked out on schedule. I am happy to say today is day nine and I am going strong. I’m drinking plenty of water, feeling rested and energized. Bring on 2011, the year of me!

Saidah currently lives in Cleveland and attends Tri-C pursuing a degree in Hospitality Management - Culinary Arts. She is the author of Cornbread and Molasses as well as Olivia Rose Confections websites.


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