A word of thanks for the support

Every time I wonder -
If my Birthday made me wiser?
If it made me grow up,
Without growing old.
Each passing year,
I cherish being here,
Being among 
The near and dear.
Each candle blown,
Makes an impression of its own!
Teaching lessons tiny,
Making the world shiny! 
This could be a crisis,
Hitting hard and strong-
In the form of a limerick
A few lines too long!
Loads of thanks 
For all the clicks,
All the stops you make -
It breathes life 
Into my doodling words.
Lifting my spirit upwards.

Thanks to all my supporters, well wishers, family and friends for all the love and encouragement. This blog is my temple of thoughts and all your blessing go a long way!- and apologies for a dud of a poem (if I may call it that! ;)

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