Blue SkiesToday is Canada's birthday.  The sun is out and so are the mosquitoes.  Life does have its bite.  I wouldn't want it any other way, would you?  So cheers!  Let us celebrate - to Canada and life with all its flavours.

This month brings with it new challenges for me - the Ultimate Blog Challenge and NaBloPoMo for July.  I feel up to the challenges as I have been habitually tapping out words almost every day.  .

I am reluctant to call myself a writer but words are my passion.  They come to me unwittingly, when I least expect them and when I most need them. Other times I struggle to find them.  They always come eventually.  I just have to have the discipline to put my fingers on the keyboard and start.

BlogHer is celebrating its 10th year anniversary, therefore the theme for the month is DECADE.  I like to take this opportunity to look back over my last 10 years or further -  to take stock and see where I have been and to decide where I want to go.  It is probably not easy.  Most likely it will be painful to do it honestly.

I know from experience that I can never go home again for that 'home' (China) is not the village or country that I once knew.  I can no longer read nor speak the language with any fluency.  So am I really Chinese?  Finding and feeling 'home' again is another challenge.

childhoodThere's a lot of work ahead, a lot of material and memories to sift through.  It is worth the effort.  I am looking for Hafong.  I am searching for me.  I am up for the challenge.  I am going to type my heart out. How about you?  Will you join me?


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