Celebrities on Twitter... They're Closer Than You Think!

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Remember back when the closest we could get to sending a message to our favourite celebrity was to use the publicist's address or their fan club's post office box that was listed in the back of Tiger Beat magazine? Nowadays, those very same celebrities are on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, interacting... or... ignoring... fans (see, just like in the good old days!). Momaical has a great post about tweeting celebrities, and how to interpret their hidden messages just to you.

You can learn about their wants, their needs and their morbid fear of frogs. You are your own celebrity private investigator and the only thing it costs you is your social life!

But the best part about social networking is that you get to be up close and personal with any celebrity you wish to stalk. I mean, send love to.

Read Momaical's very funny post.

Which celebrities to do you follow on Twitter, and have any of them ever tweeted back to you?

Stephen Colbert

Image: Noah Sussman via Flickr

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