Celebrity Baby Names: Which Ones Are The Craziest?

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It's official. The rich and famous really are different from you and me. They fly on private jets. They send their kids to preschools that cost more than Harvard.  And when they have a baby, they will call the lucky offspring something that sounds more like a Kentucky Derby winner than an actual human baby name.

Gwyneth Paltrow Apple

Photo by Gary Calton/eyevine/ZUMA Press

I think I've cracked the code on how the stars come up with these colorful monikers. It's fairly easy...you too can create your own Crazy Celebrity Baby Name. Just pick a favorite color and then attach it to a fruit, vegetable, inanimate object, or geographical location. Using this handy formula, I have created the name Magenta Featherduster. I wish I had a celebrity baby so I could use it.

Help us pick the best baby names from the illustrious list below. Pick as many as you like!



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