Cell Phone Rings - the Mom's version of Jingle Bells!


“Cell phone rings” 


(The Mom’s version of Jingle Bells)


Dashing to the mall,


In my 8 horse Chevrolet,


O’er the roads we go,


Stressing all the way!


Ha ha ha!


Cell in my purse rings,


Making my kids fight,


What fun it is to yell and sing –


No dessert tonight!




Cell phone rings, cell phone rings,


kids crying all the way,


Oh, what misery it is to ride,


In my 8 horse Chevrolet –




Cell phone rings, cell phone rings,


Screaming all the way,


Ohhhhh, I wish for a quiet ride,


In my EIGHT----- HORSE----- Chevrolet!!!


Merry Christmas from Military1Click~2011



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