Cell Phones Breeding Ground For Lying

So there you are in your Saturday night and you receive a phone call from your teenage child who is making the obligatory phone call from The Friend's House as promised, and you hang up all kinds of thrilled because you have raised such responsible children except... where they really there?


The fact remains that with all of these technological advances and minute-to-minute connectivity, we are actually less likely to know where and what are children are actually doing.


Think about it.


Back in the days of the single household landline, it was very easy to know where your kid was and whose phone they were using... these days our kids are so busy making their own plans through text and Instant-Message and other side effects of their own personal cell phones, it's hard to keep track. Not that parents aren't still picking up the phone to contact other parents to check on plans, but just that this business has become a little more difficult to monitor.


And there are other issues surrounding this as well... remember the days when it was scary to call a friend because their parents always answered the phone and... This certainly was true for friendships, but it definitely was true for young romances.


In many ways it was this exact interaction that helped parents keep an eye trained on their child's social life and development. Who are they hanging out with? What do those friends sound like when they call the house? Is your child receiving phone calls from the opposite sex?


These concerns are nearly obliterated with the cell phone, and not in a good way. Again, it's up to parents to stay on top of these things, check cell phone records and text histories and... Bossy is just saying that as an actual parent of kids who are advancing in age out of kid-youth toward adulthood, these things become something else to reckon with and devote lots of time and thought to...


Anyone been thinking this through? 


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