Cellphones and Driving

I have a cellphone like most in the world. What blows my mind is the many accidents that happen due to use of cellphones when in fact it was not necessary to use them. This drivng and chatting it up like the individual is the most important person in the world. I want to scream PAY ATTENTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I do look at my cellphone if I feel it is necessary at stop lights. I use hands free speaker if I must use the phone. I try to use common sense. I do wish sometimes that people were fined heavily the first time out when the accident is deemed caused by misuse of a cellphone. So many lives lost due to texting and just plain not paying attention. I am sure I am not saying or writing about something that has not been said. People we drove before cell phones. It is not that hard to just wait a few minutes until it is safe to use the phone. Some states have passed laws the use of cellphones but not all have adopted these laws. What has to happen for society to understand it is just a phone? Alison

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