Ch-ch-ch-changes...: Can your blog survive your happiness?

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What do you do with your infertility blog when you finally find yourself knocked up and maybe even a mom?

What becomes of a blog about mental illness when things take a turn for the better?

Can a blog survive without angst?

What do you do when your blog is about something very specific and
your life circumstances change? If the bulk of your readership is of
one world will they keep reading you when you move to the next phase?
How can you be sensitive to those in your blog community who are still
struggling with something you have overcome? Can you do it without
sounding braggy? Can you remember where you came from and honor where
you are going?

This Room of Your Own would be a conversation about how to reinvent
your blog, how to find readers who are of your new community while
keeping the ones from your old world and how to keep writing honestly
no matter what. A panel discussion would be wonderful if there are
others out there who have been through a similar transition – let me
know if you would be willing to share your story and strategies.

About the Session Leader:
Bri has been blogging since 2002. Her current blog, unwellness, began in 2004 and has followed her through depression, mental breakdown, hospitalization, recovery, a fibromyalgia diagnosis, a new job, infertility, pregnancy and now motherhood. She is currently trying to figure out what it means to be a mommyblogger and how to do it without alienating her loyal infertile readers or becoming boring.

*Thanks to Elisa for the title!*